Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for travelling, which has taken me all around the world from Antarctica to Zululand, staying in everything from tents and boats to lodges and grand palaces. The question I’m most often asked is, ‘What is your favourite place?’ – rapidly followed by, ‘What is the best hotel to stay in?’ For me, the irresistible hotel is one that embodies the essence of its location, combining indigenous authenticity with individual flair and excellent personal service.

My favourite hotels are those that meet these exacting standards, and Heaven on Earth is a collection of the crème de la crème. Some of them are well-known classics; others are little gems that hardly feature in magazines or brochures. All of them are worthy ambassadors for their countries, guaranteeing an authentic and unforgettable experience. I know that finding the right holiday can often be an exasperating and arduous process, spending hours deciphering dozens of brochures, gambling which will live up to expectations. Most of us have only a few precious weeks a year to escape – which makes a reliable recommendation all the more valuable. In my quest for excellence, I have stayed at hundreds of hotels all around the world, and can assure you that Heaven on Earth will help you discover the paradise of your dreams.

Because we generally choose our holidays around what time of year we want to go, followed by which type of activity or part of the world we want to explore, it makes sense to check out the weather before you go – choose your destination around the best month to visit, thus avoiding bad weather (guaranteed to ruin any holiday) but incorporating any unmissable cultural events.

My books include chapters organised in calendar months, beginning with a hotel in one of the world’s most enchanting cities followed by at least two hotels located in areas of outstanding natural beauty. The Kids book is a collection of hotels that will keep both parents and children happy, during each of the main school holidays. No compromises have been made with adult creature comforts, while encompassing all the desires that will keep children blissfully content for days on end.

Heaven on Earth continues to be a labour of love to research and write – now with a dedicated team to book your favourite holidays – thanks to all the wonderful people I have met who give every day of their lives to making our holiday experiences memorable for all the right reasons. Where is your Heaven on Earth?