The Artist of the Seychelles Islands


The Seychelles are made up of 115 granite or coral islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean and have fascinated and inspired travellers for centuries.  The islands are safe, friendly, and have no poisonous creepy crawlies. I’ve come to suss out the spa and rejuvenation offerings in two very different hotels on Mahe, the main island, which means no need for any further plane hopping.  Both are located along the island’s western coastline, so spectacular sunsets are guaranteed. And both have beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and both provide hotel villa accommodations with private swimming pools for ultimate relaxation.

While exploring the island, I was lucky enough to IMG_0005chance across a national treasure.  The artist of the Seychelles – someone who has made this relaxed and inspiring island his home – is Michael Adams.

I popped in to see his studio and was lucky enough to find him at home with his wife Heather. They showed us his new work from Scotland. He brought our eyes to rest on the shards of dramatic white, lightning in his depictions of the moors,as he pondered about having pneumonia while painting. Walking around the garden, Heather pointed out that they had planted every seed, every flower, and every tree. We gazed up at the gargantuan rubber trees that dominated the sky and her orchid garden, ‘you just stick it in the ground and watch it grow’, she muses. IMG_0007

The garden burst with vibrancy; sprawling feather duster palms, turquoise jade vines, banana plants with their green-blue inky colour, and yet another of nature’s crazy masterpieces – the pink ginger bush.

We admired a clutch of some fifty chickens, including Heather’s beloved Indian Legbar chickens, who were clucking busily in the shade of the flora and laying their treasured blue eggs. Michael told tales of the Engadin valley in Switzerland, of princes, presidents and pop stars who have bought his work and shared his home-baked bread and honey. We guzzled away with a bottle of the Widow and felt like the owl and the pussy cat gone to sea on a beautiful pea green boat. The colours of their home were as infectious and charming as the couple’s company and enthusiasm; being 70 going on 17 is a gift. We bought a signed print of some of Heather’s chickens; it was the painting she thought we ought to have and it will bring wonderful memories with every glance. IMG_0020